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presented by Derrick Handwerk, Personal CFO

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          For Business Owners

Maximize Your Personal Wealth

Most successful small business owners have a few common goals: to maximize their wealth, to make sure their loved ones are financially taken care of, and to do more to support worthy charitable causes. In this presentation for small business owners and medical providers I discuss how to maximize business success by maximizing personal wealth – because personal success and business success are directly related.

In this one-hour presentation I will share:

  • 6 Drivers of Business Success
  • 5 Major Areas of Financial Concern
  • 5 Criteria for selecting a high-caliber advance planner


Challenges Facing Small Business Owners

Privately held businesses account for nearly half of the private sector labor force and new hires, however economic policies and pressures make it difficult for them to thrive. These difficulties facing small business owners can lead to unemployment, underemployment and wage stagnation. In this presentation I will discuss these many challenges and their solutions for improved performance for your business, and the economy as a whole.

          For Physicians 

Take Charge of your Financial Future

Popular investment wisdom is not always applicable to physicians. Extensive and expensive education with delayed earnings, coupled with little time, creates a specific set of needs for medical professionals and practice owners. With no time, no goals, and no plan how can you prepare for your financial future? In this presentation I will address the common retirement concerns and objectives for physicians and provide an overview of the successful plan structures to consider.