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Our Multi-dimensional Approach

 Our approach is holistic and integrates:


Wealth Preservation - Consideration of strategies for potentially increasing and preserving your wealth.

Asset Protection - Analyze your ability to potentially protect your assets from litigation. I believe in low cost asset protection tools as well as the more complex strategies and will work in tandem with attorneys to suggest solutions.

Tax Planning - Review of your Tax Returns with recommendations on potential savings opportunities.

Retirement Planning - Perform financial simulations based on retirement horizons and risk tolerance.

Assessment of Your Current Retirement Plan – In-depth analysis of all paperwork related to your current retirement plan and the suggestion of potential alternative plans and strategies to increase your tax savings and preserve your company’s income.

Review and Discuss Your Business Succession Plan and Exit Strategy - The plan should be in writing and provide for funding and a mechanism for the exit from the business. We will review your goals and assess your present plan and possible alternatives.

Estate Planning - Planning for the distribution of assets to your family or charity.

Portfolio Analysis - Align your risk tolerance and goals to your investment strategy. I strive to provide a customized set of investments, which will be in sync with your stated goals.

Leverage Analysis - Analysis of your current debt structure and liquidity needs. Risk Assessment and analysis will take into account your need to mitigate risk via death, disability and long-term care or via a legal assault.

Educational Funding - Evaluation of educational funding alternatives via college savings plans, UGMA or Educational IRAs.

Charitable Inclinations - Review of your current gifting strategies and those of your estate will be analyzed and discussed in light of your goals and circumstances.