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More Than Just Investing

HFMO Managing Partner Derrick Handwerk discusses the differences between an MFO and traditional financial planners.

Handwerk MFO strongly believes that the coordination of your financial and personal life should involve more than picking stocks and bonds and the provision of a “financial plan,” which often consists of hundreds of pages of cash flow analysis and charts of little value. A true fiduciary works to develop a close relationship with you as well as your accountants, lawyers, and tax experts to deliver an overall picture of your financial health, void of meaningless spreadsheets, so that your wealth puzzle is no longer missing any pieces.

When a Personal CFO analyzes your financial life, it requires an in-depth review of many of your plans, including trusts, wills, tax returns, insurance policies, and investments along with many personal details which are blended to arrive at an overall set of strategies that is unique to each family, and that addresses their specific needs. 

What we do goes beyond just investing to apply an in-depth consultative approach, and to tailor our process to include just a few, or many, of our more than 20 service options to give you financial confidence.