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More Than Just Investing Version 2017

Handwerk MFO strongly believes that an advisor/client relationship should involve more than picking stocks and bonds and the provision of “financial plan,” which often consists of hundreds of pages of cash flow analysis and charts of little value. A true wealth manager should work to develop a close relationship with you as well as your accountants, lawyers, and tax experts to deliver an overall picture of your financial health, void of meaningless spreadsheets, so that your wealth puzzle is no longer missing any pieces.

When a true holistic wealth manager analyzes your financial life, it requires an in-depth review of many of your plans, including trusts, wills, tax returns, insurance policies and investments along with many personal details which are blended to arrive at an overall set of strategies which is unique to each client, and addresses each person’s individual financial and personal needs. After review of your current financial situation, there is a variety of family issues which we can analyze and discuss with you and your consultants, including (but not limited to):

  • Discussion of goals, concerns, time-frame, risk tolerance
  • Tax Planning on multiple fronts
  • Asset Protection and Titling of Assets
  • Corporate Entity Selection vs. Federal Tax Election
  • Qualified Retirement Plan Assessment
  • Portfolio management
  • Educational Funding Review
  • Charitable Inclinations
  • Business Succession Plan Review
  • Estate Plan Review