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More Than Just Investing Version 2016

Handwerk Multi Family Office strongly believes an advisor/client relationship should involve more than picking stocks and bonds and giving a 100 page “financial plan” which is really a cash flow analysis which is of limited value.

Wealth Managers really deal primarily with investments (investment managers) versus planning. The relationship really should not be a one-time event but rather an ongoing oversight and interaction between advisor and clients. Below is an abbreviated list of family issues which we analyze and discuss with the client and their consultants.

Family Issues

  1. Discussion of goals, concerns, time-frame, risk tolerance
  2. Tax Planning on multiple fronts
  3. Asset Protection and Titling of Assets
  4. Corporate Entity Selection vs. Federal Tax Election
  5. Qualified Retirement Plan Assessment
  6. Portfolio management
  7. Educational Funding Review
  8. Charitable Inclinations
  9. Business Succession Plan Review
  10. Estate Plan Review

When a true holistic financial planner initially analyzes a client’s financial life there are many documents needed. Trusts, wills, tax returns, insurance policies and investments along with many personal details which are blended to arrive at an overall set of strategies which is unique to each client.