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Business Philosophy Version 2017

At Handwerk MFO we work with small privately-held business owners, physicians, and families or individuals of significant net worth who are seeking to grow and protect their wealth. In most cases, having a customized wealth plan can be more important and valuable in reaching these goals than an investment plan alone.

Our approach is holistic and very detail-oriented and begins by focusing on your goals, time frames, feelings and family situation as well as your risk tolerance. We gather, review and categorize a significant about of information from you in order to organize and understand all aspects of your financial life as if it were a puzzle. Some pieces - such as holding a tax advantaged investment in a tax deferred account or contradiction between a beneficiary listed on an account and your will - may not fit correctly into the puzzle. There may also be pieces missing, such as a comprehensive college education plan.

Once we have fit the pieces together and understand what is missing, we then meet and discuss how all the aspects of your wealth form a total picture of your financial health and discuss what needs to be done to complete the picture. We work in a collaborative fashion to craft a set of strategies specific to your needs. Many times we involve your accountant and attorney in the process, or if necessary, we can suggest very capable experts. After the first meeting, each of us will have a list of action items.

We understand and respect the value of your time. The time you spend in collecting the data and working on your wealth plan will be time well spent in preparation for the development of a results-oriented plan.

Many aspects of your wealth will be reviewed which may have never been looked at before in a cohesive fashion. In the end your wealth puzzle will fit together, and your wealth picture will be clear. Your strategies will be synergistic, all working toward the same goals, and you will finally have a truly diversified portfolio of investments, beyond the typical collection of stocks and bonds. Our goal is to elevate your wealth planning and your investments to a level where everything is working together.